Forest Industries Federation release ‘WA Plantations – The Missing Piece of the Puzzle’

The Forest Industries Federation of WA are excited to have released the policy document 'WA Plantations the Missing Piece of the Puzzle' on the 29th of September at our Annual General Meeting.

Our exciting policy document aims to deliver a total plantation estate of 225,000 ha within three WA hubs. The policy proposal would see state and local governments recognise the strategic value of industry hubs, and work with industry to develop and implement well-targeted policies to reignite investment in plantations in WA.

The plantation industry is very important to our regional areas in WA as it employs over 3,400 people and generates 11,620 jobs indirectly through flow on employment. The industry has significant processing facilities producing a range of high value products in forestry hubs located in the Lower Great Southern, the South West and the Lower Mid-West.

The document contains 12 recommendations to reignite investment in plantations. The recommendations address factors including reducing fire risk, industry fire brigades, reversing salinity, investment in infrastructure, developing a WA bioenergy market and investing in training for young recruits to the industry.

The plantation industry is important and this document is about
ensuring the right quantity of trees are planted in the right locations.

To access the document please click here.

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