20th March – FIFWA Autumn Newsletter – Science Story

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Pioneering Australian scientists have established Gondwana Genomics - the world’s only deliverer of long-awaited genetic marker-assisted selection (MAS) technology to unlock the genetic potential of trees. This advanced MAS screening technology was developed through 10 years of plantation research in Australia and is being used for commercial growers around the world.

On a recent Gottstein Trust Forest Science course with participants from across Australia and the world, we visited Gondwana Genomics’ impressive laboratory and thanks to Forest Learning we’ve got an exclusive video to share with you – a behind the scenes explainer of the technology used.

Gondwana Genomics genetic markers accurately predict tree performance and deliver substantial gains extremely quickly. Their next-generation genotyping platform allows for cost-effective implementation of a testing program, fast turnaround and high accuracy. Plantation tree rotations can be long, so this quick turnaround is crucial. The knowledge these markers provide can boost growers’ businesses through increased growth, density, pulp yield, energy value and disease resistance in their trees.

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