2017 Illegal logging laws compliance assessments

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will continue its round of 2017 desktop compliance assessments, commencing shortly in Western Australia, looking at how domestic processors are complying with the due diligence requirements of the Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation 2012.

Assessments will be undertaken with a view to raise awareness and educate the regulated community on how to comply. The department will be providing feedback and working with businesses on whether their due diligence systems meet the requirements under the regulation and where improvements may be required in order to comply in the future.

The initial ‘soft-start’ compliance period is still in effect, which means no fines or penalties apply for non-compliance, and will continue until any amendments arising from the current review of the illegal logging regulations have been finalised. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is currently examining feedback received on the Regulatory Impact Statement consultation paper and intends to progress a package of reforms to be considered by the Australian Government. This process is expected to be finalised in mid-2017.

For further information on the desktop assessment process, how the laws operate and whether they affect Members business, you can contact the department via:​

  • Visit the department’s website for further information for domestic processors 
  • phone the department during business hours on 1800 657 313 or if outside of Australia +61 2 6272 3933
  • email ilca@agriculture.gov.au
  • subscribe to the illegal logging mailing list to stay up to date with new information or guidance materials or any upcoming information events

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