The WA Plantation industry grows a variety of species for several different purposes. The WA Government manages a pine plantation estate providing the principle feedstock for the large local manufacturers. There are two species of pine that are grown commonly in WA, Radiata Pine (pinus radiata) and Maritime Pine (pinus pinaster). The major processors of the softwood resource locally include; Wespine sawmill, Laminex particle board plant and Wesbeam LVL plant.

There are also a variety of Eucalypt species that are grown in plantations in WA. Eucalyptus globulus is primarily grown as a pulpwood that is harvested, chipped and exported to high quality paper producers across the globe. Blue gum plantations are found throughout the South-West and blue gum chips are exported through the Bunbury and Albany port through several processors.

Outside of the production of high quality timbers used in the production of, LVL, particleboard and construction timber and pulp wood for paper products, plantations also have several environmental benefits. Plantations can often improve the water quality in a catchment and they can also be planted in areas with high dry land salinity in order to lower the water table. Plantations contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere as they are grown, harvested and replanted.

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