Natural Hardwoods

Western Australia's Natural Hardwoods

The forests of Western Australia's south west are carefully managed to protect all the values of the forest.
These forests also support a strictly limited, sustainable harvest of native hardwoods.



Western Australian jarrah is one of the world's great hardwoods. Fine furniture made from jarrah is prized not only in WA, but commands a world market.

Jarrah is extensively used in many Western Australian homes, for flooring, furniture and cabinetry, as well as for structural purposes. Recently, Jarrah decking has been approved for use under certain conditions in areas that are designated Bushfire Attack Level 29 rating.



Karri is a native species found in Western Australia that can grow up to 70 metres tall. Karri predominantly grows in the South-West some 300 kilometres south of Perth. Karri can be used to make furniture, flooring and panelling. Because of its great strength and length, karri is used in many structural applications.

Karri decking has also been approved for use under certain conditions in BAL 29 rated areas.



Often referred to as 'Red Gum' Marri is another native species that can grow up to 40 metres tall. Unlike Jarrah and Karri, Marri can be found as far north as Geraldton. Feature grade furniture, which emphasises the natural features of the timber, such as gum lines, to enhance its attractiveness, has seen a boost in the demand for marri. Its lighter colour has also proved popular.


WA Sheoak

WA Sheoak is a smaller tree than other native species growing to 15 metres high. WA Sheoak is often found in coastal areas and as far south as Albany. WA Sheoak can be used for furniture, turnery, flooring and woodwork.


WA Blackbutt

WA Blackbutt or otherwise known as 'yarri' is a relatively larger tree growing up to 45 metres tall. It can be found through-out the South-West as far south as Albany. Mainly used as a flooring timber, Blackbutt has limited availability as most WA Blackbutt is in nature reserves.


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