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Albany Plantation Export Company

Albany Plantation Export Company is an exporting agri-business located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. APEC manages harvesting and processing of Blue Gum plantations to supply high quality woodchips for the Asian paper pulp market. APEC also processes timber for other local tree plantation companies.

From their base in Albany, Western Australia, APEC is leading the way in the production of quality woodchips for the international paper market.

Contact APEC: Albany Plantation Export Company
Lot 100 Down Road,
Albany WA 6330
Phone : (08) 9845 3888
Fax : (08) 9845 3800
Email : admin@apecchip.com.au


Albany Plantation Forest Company

Albany Plantation Forest Company of Australia Pty Ltd (APFL) is a joint venture between the Japanese companies Oji Holdings, Senshukai and NYK Line. APFL was formed in 1993 with the goal of planting more than 20,000 hectares of Blue Gums in plantations under share farming agreements with landowners in the Great Southern.

Based in Albany Albany Plantation Forest Company manages roughly 23,000 hectares of blue gum plantations.

Contact: Locked Bag 4, Albany WA 6331
Lot 100 Down Road, Albany WA 6330
Phone: (08) 9845 3777
Fax: (08) 9845 3700
Email: admin@apfl.com.au


Auswest Timbers

Established in 1996, Auswest Timbers Pty Ltd started with the acquisition of a single hardwood sawmill in the beautiful Western Australian town of Busselton. Manufacturing a diverse range of timber products from large, heavy structural sections, floor joists, roofing timbers and roof tile battens to value added kiln dried and dressed products such as floorboards, decking and some of the most beautiful furniture timbers you will ever find. Auswest Timbers distributes timber throughout Australia and to many countries all over the world. The United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Indonesia, Korea, Holland, Canada and the United States – all of these countries enjoy the beauty and quality of our timber.

Species: Jarrah, Marri and Sheoak.


  • Flooring & decking
  • Joinery timbers
  • Cabinetry timbers
  • Furniture timbers
  • Machining services
  • Structural timber products.

Contact: Welshpool Trade & Retail Centre
455 Orrong Road
Western Australia 6106
Phone: (08) 9351 6429
Fax: (08) 9351 6407


Browns Logging

Browns Logging Operations (BLO) is a family owned and operated business, located in Manjimup, in the lower South West of Western Australia. BLO have provided logging services to Government and Commercial clients in the softwood plantation industry since they commenced in 1993.
Contact Colin Brown: 0428 761 073


Dawson Contracting


Dwellingup Sawmill

Species: Jarrah


  • Green sawn timber


Bunbury Fibre Exports/Bunbury Fibre Plantations

"Bunbury Fibre Plantations is an Australian company formed in February 2008 specifically to provide plantation management service for its Forest Stewardship Council® certified plantation estate in the South West of West Australia. Bunbury Fibre Plantations is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Bussan Woodchip Oceania Pty Ltd which is a subsidiary of the parent company, Mitsui & Co Limited.

BFP’s sister company Bunbury Fibre Exports Pty Ltd (BFE), formerly known as Hansol PI Pty Ltd, offers harvesting, transport, processing and exporting services to the plantation timber industry.

In addition to the plantation management expertise, Bunbury Fibre has a state of the art wood processing and export facility at the Port of Bunbury. All of the company's timber is processed at the facility in preparation for export to the company's international markets."

Contact: Bunbury Office
Berth 8 Bunbury Inner Harbour
Leschenault Drive
(PO Box 1286, BUNBURY WA 6231)
Phone: (08) 9781 4500
Fax: (08) 9781 4555


Inglewood Products

Species: Jarrah, Karri and Marri.


  • Flooring & decking
  • Joinery timbers
  • Cabinetry timbers
  • Furniture timbers
  • Machining services
  • Structural timber products



Jarrahwood established in 2003 on an existing mill site, specialising in the milling and manufacture of Jarrah timber products. Their aim is to supply high quality jarrah timber products at the best available price.

Jarrahwood manufacture a range of products including but not restricted to, Decking, Flooring, Veneer Boards and a range of laminated products.

Species: Jarrah, Karri and Marri


  • Flooring & decking
  • Cabinetry timbers


Koppers Wood Products

Koppers has established an enviable reputation for quality treated wood products in Australia. Their products are well known and their brand name is synonymous with treated wood.

Using natural and renewable plantation pine and managed regrowth hardwood resources, Koppers produce a large range of treated wood products with built-in durability against termites and decay. Koppers product range extends from outdoor treated timber for domestic end-users to trade products for civic and industrial construction and utility purposes.

Koppers has vast experience and knowledge in assessing timber resource, processing and treating roundwood timber and serving their customers with dedication. Accredited with the Quality Management System, Koppers aims to be be a superior manufacturer and supplier of treated timber products. Occupational health and safety and strict adherence to environmental regulations are also cornerstones of all Koppers operations.

Koppers Wood Products Pty Ltd
Australasian Wood Products
PO Box 9100
Picton WA 6229
Phone: (08) 9724 7600


M&B Building Products

M&B Quality Building Products is a WA family owned and operated company providing quality products and service to the building industry for both residential and commercial projects for over 45 years. Proudly WA owned and operated since 1969, M&B Sales have been delivering professional advice, unsurpassed service and innovative quality products to the building industry.

M&B actively seek solutions to problems faced in the building industry, with a dedicated Research & Development team who source and design new products for the market. They are truly committed to their staff as they are our most important asset, and actively develop their skills through regular training programs. M&B have 7 branches and 150 dedicated staff throughout WA that work together every day to be able to offer the largest range of building products in Western Australia.

Species: Jarrah and Marri


  • Flooring & decking
  • Joinery timbers
  • Cabinetry timbers
  • Furniture

Contact: 144 Beechboro Road South Bayswater 6053
P.O. Box 359
Morley 6943
Phone: (08) 9272 2555
Email: mbsales@mbsales.net.au


Middlesex Mill

Middlesex Mill is a family owned and run business boasting more than 30 years of experience in the timber industry. They can be found five kilometres from the small town of Manjimup, in the south western corner of Western Australia, three hundred kilometres to the south of Perth, the state capital.

They manufacture an enormous range of timber products for both commercial and residential needs. Middlesex Mill has developed an efficient and first rate service for industrial and commercial hardwoods. Middlesex Mill has built long standing relationships with mining and construction companies supplying large section materials and by providing excellent customer relations accompanied by a quality product well known for its strength and durability.

Species: Jarrah, Karri and Marri.


  • Flooring & decking
  • Joinery timbers
  • Cabinetry timbers
  • Green sawn timber

Contact: RMB 212, Middlesex Rd
Manjimup, WA, 6258
Office: (08) 9777 1996
Fax: (08) 9777 1983


Nannup Timber Processing

Nannup Mill was established in 1926 as the Kauri Timber Company.

One of its features was a vertical log band mill of American design, which transferred from Ellis Creek Mill, halfway between Nannup and Bridgetown. Ellis Creek Mill closed in 1925.

Today’s mill began operation in 1964 when Douglas Jones Pty Ltd bought the Kauri Timber Company.

The mill was sold to Millars Pty Ltd in 1972 and was secured by Sotico in the Millars takeover in 1983. It was operated by Sotico until May 2001 when it was sold to M&B Sales Pty Ltd.

The mill is now operated by Nannup Timber Processing Pty Ltd, an associated company of M&B Sales Pty Ltd.

Under M&B Sales the mill has been upgraded and a value adding processing facility added.

Species: Jarrah, Karri and Marri.


  • Flooring & decking
  • High grade furniture timber
  • Dressed structural timbers
  • Joinery timbers
  • Architectural timbers
  • Glue laminated timber products

Contact: Warren Rd, Nannup WA 6275
PO Box 176 Nannup WA 6275
Phone: (08) 9756 1006
Fax: (08) 9756 1160


PF Olsen

PF Olsen Australia provides independent, unbiased forestry services to a wide range of the Australian forest and forest products industries. PF Olsen have a team of experienced and committed professional foresters work on all aspects of forestry including:

  • softwood and hardwood plantation forest establishment, silviculture, harvesting and management
  • specialist services in temperate and tropical plantation forestry
  • specialist services in fire management
  • environmental management and forest management and certification
  • forestry health and safety programs
  • forestry planning and information systems and advice
  • investment and financial analysis for forestry investments
  • forest valuations and due diligence.

PF Olsen Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PF Olsen Group, which is the largest independent forest management services provider across New Zealand and Australia. Australia manages over 170,000 hectares of forest and approximately 2 million tonnes of wood is harvested every year.

Because they do not own forests or processing plants and do not own forest operations contracting businesses, their advice is truly independent.

PF Olsen Australia prides itself on being able to work with clients to deliver the highest quality forest management outcomes most efficiently and cost effectively.

PF Olsen Australia works collaboratively with a wide range of experts in forest management, logistics, harvesting, investment, and safety and forestry systems to ensure that clients have access to the very best advice and forestry solutions.

Contact: 294-296 Middleton Road Albany WA 6331
Phone: (08) 6819 7000


Plantall Forestry Consultants

Plantall Forestry Consultants has offered freelance forest management services and consulting since 1999. Principal David Wettenhall is a Registered Professional Forester and Fellow of the Institute of Foresters of Australia. He has over 40 years of experience in forestry covering native forests and pine, blue gum, sandalwood and poplar plantations, establishment, management, harvesting and marketing. He has worked in sawmilling, veneer and pulp manufacturing as well as in the forests. He has extensive experience in plantation assessment, inventory and valuation. David has travelled extensively especially through Asia and has good networks with great opportunities for forestry in China. This broad experience places him in a strong position to make sound judgements on strategic directions for forestry projects and investments.

Contact: 0407 944 998
Email: davidw@plantall.com.au


Plantation Logging

Plantation Logging Co. undertake timber harvesting and log haulage, earthmoving services and plantation maintenance for private and government plantation owners and managers. They specialise in tree harvesting and haulage of Pine, Bluegum, and native timber species and also perform ground and aerial evaluation of plantations.

Contact: 218 South West Highway,
Bunbury Western Australia 6230
Phone: (08) 9725 6440
Fax: (08) 9725 6442
Monday to Friday : 8am - 5pm
Email : admin@plantationlogging.com


Redmond Sawmill

Redmond Sawmill was established at Albany in 1997 by brothers Glenn and Luke, having over 50 years of experience between them in the timber industry. Their love of timber inherited from their father Fernando who began sawmilling in Western Australia in 1956, with his valuable knowledge handed down to Luke and Glenn as they too have paved their way producing quality timber products.

Redmond Sawmill pride themselves in using Western Australian Hardwoods such as Jarrah, Marri and Wandoo that are beautiful and unique. Sourced from sustainably managed forests under their contract with The Forest Products Commission of Western Australia, they ensure that the harvesting of timber is practiced in a sustainable manner, with regeneration of native forests and protection of biodiversity so that Western Australian hardwood products can be manufactured for years to come.

Contact: Sawmill: 35218 Albany Hwy Albany W.A 6330
Postal Address: P.O. Box 720 Albany WA 6330
Phone: (08) 9845 3017
Fax: (08) 9845 3067
Email: redmondsawmill@bigpond.com


Saunders Sawmill

Species: Jarrah, Karri and Marri.


  • Green sawn timber



Simcoa Operations is an Australian based company committed to producing the world's highest quality silicon to meet customer's precise needs.

Silicon plays a key role in the production of many industrial and lifestyle products that play an important role in our everyday lives.

Some of the world’s highest quality silicon is produced in the south west of Western Australia, at Simcoa’s Kemerton-based silicon smelter, north of Bunbury. Simcoa produces enough silicon to meet Australia’s total demand whilst still being able to export most of its production to the rest of the world.

The Kemerton site consists of two charcoal retorts; three submerged arc electrical furnaces; a filter plant for cleaning the furnace off-gases; and packaging and distribution facilities. Simcoa uses the highest quality raw material available, low ash charcoal and high quality quartzite.

These raw materials, combined with highly skilled operators and technical expertise results in a product unique in terms of consistency and quality.

Contact: 973 Marriott Road
Wellesley 6233
Western Australia

PO Box 1389
Bunbury 6231
Western Australia

Phone: (08) 9780 6744
Fax: (08) 9780 6746


Softwood Logging Services

Softwood Logging Services Pty Ltd was established in 1988, after being awarded with a 30,000m3/pa contract with the Forest Products Commission (WA). Since then, the company has grown to become one of the most diverse and dynamic forestry harvesting organisations in Australia, now producing in excess of 650,000m3/pa.

Their head office is based in Bunbury, WA, and they have expansive range operational locations all through the South West of Western Australia. This geographical distribution of their business provides employment opportunities for regional residents and supports the regional communities in which they operate.
Softwood Logging Services Pty Ltd have always been leaders in the Western Australian forestry sector, in particular driving new technological advances, diversification of harvesting methodologies and striving for “best practice” in their Business Management Systems.

Softwood Logging Services Pty Ltd pride themselves on maintaining Strong, Professional relationships with their Customer base. From small landowners wanting to clear some land to large forestry organisations.

Contact: 9 Sutherland Way
Western Australia 6229
Phone: (08) 9725 7101


Southwest Haulage


Southern Pacific Fibre

Southern Pacific Fibre (SPF) is a newly formed Western Australian based company that is dedicated to acquiring and managing commercial land and plantation assets in Australia and the associated global sales and marketing of the forest products produced. SPFs focus is to provide tailored turnkey solutions for the management and export of distressed forest resources in remote or logistically difficult locations. SPF currently operates out of the Esperance Woodchip Terminal as a woodchip exporter.

PO Box 675 Esperance 6450 WA
Phone: +61 427 013 745


The Laminex Group

Laminex is the leading marketer, distributor and manufacturer of premium decorative surfaces in Australia. They have a strong portfolio of brands including Formica and Essastone, as well as Laminex, which is Australasia’s leading brand of decorative surfaces.

184 Moore Road Dardanup WA 6236
Phone: (08) 9780 1305
Fax: (08) 9725 4585


Timber Insight

Timber Insight offers expert inspection, consulting and training services to the timber and building industry. They also offer premium carpentry services for residential and commercial projects.

PO Box 771, Bunbury, 6231
Phone: 08 9791 4599
Mobile: 0498 121 262
Email: greg@timberinsight.com.au


Total Harvesting

Total Harvesting is a family owned and operated business with over forty years of practical and contracting experience combined in thinnings and clear fall, pine and blue gum, motor-manual and mechanized, ground base and hauler, cut to length and full stem logging in both steep and flat terrain.

Established in 2004, they are Based in Albany, Western Australia and harvest various plantation timbers such as Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata) and Blue Gum (Eucalyptus Globulus) around Australia. Initially set up by Chris Jensen, Matt and Sarah Leov are actively involved in the business which now has 18 employees.

Total Harvesting has a strong commitment to the region, its employees and the timber industry, constantly striving to improve Health and Safety, Value Recovery to the forest owner and Productivity.

Contact: Address
PO Box 91 Albany WA 6331
Phone: (08) 9844 3991
Fax: (08) 9844 3919
Email: admin@totalharvesting.com.au


WA Plantation Resources

WA Plantation Resources (WAPRES) has a large and secure share of the woodfibre industry in Western Australia (WA) - it exports around one million tonnes of woodchips to Japan every year and manages thousands of hectares of sustainable bluegum plantations across the South West of WA.

WAPRES is at the forefront of the industry in all phases of the woodfibre production chain - its seed orchard, nursery, managed plantations, harvesting operations, woodchipping facilities and port operations are managed by an experienced, professional team.

Street address: Level 2, Ommanney on Victoria,
53 Victoria St, Bunbury
Postal address: PO Box 2453, BUNBURY,
Phone: (08) 9791 0700
Fax: (08) 9791 9503
Email: enquiries@wapres.com.au


Warren Forest Services


Waughs Forest Services



Wesbeam is a Western Australian owned, unlisted public company operating from an $110 million purpose-built manufacturing plant in Neerabup, north of Perth.

Using state of the art equipment from New Zealand, Japan, Finland and Germany, Wesbeam manufactures high quality Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL).

Wesbeam LVL is a high-value engineered wood product made from plantation timbers, much of which is sourced around Perth under a 25 year State Agreement between Wesbeam and the Western Australian State Government.

Contact: 190 Pederick Road
Neerabup, WA 6031
PO Box 217
Wanneroo WA 6946
Phone: (08) 9306 0400
Fax: (08) 9306 0444
Email: wesbeam@wesbeam.com



WESPINE Industries is jointly owned by Wesfarmers Limited and Fletcher Building Limited. They are a softwood sawmiller, specialising in the production of Pinus radiata, a premium quality plantation timber. Their product range includes dressed, stress graded and preservative treated timber, suitable for construction, renovations and furniture manufacturing.


Whiteland Milling

Whiteland Milling mills Jarrah, Marri, Karri, Sheoak & WA Blackbutt timber.

They supply these as either green rough sawn, kiln dried rough sawn, or dressed at their machine shop into flooring, decking, furniture components, mouldings and other pre-dressed products.

All Whiteland Milling timber is sourced and harvested from Western Australian State Government managed sustainable forests.


  • Flooring & decking
  • Furniture timber
  • Structural & roofing timbers
  • Joinery timbers
  • Green sawn timber

Contact: Office: Unit 1/36 Cook Street (LIA),
Busselton WA 6280
Postal Address:PO Box 980, Busselton WA 6280
Phone: (08) 9751 1093
Fax: (08) 9751 4418
Email: admin@whitelandmilling.com.au


Greenacres Mill/Yornup Mill

Species: Jarrah, Karri and Marri.


  • Green sawn timber