Media Releases/Submissions

2nd July 2019 - Media release: Djarlma Plan for WA Forestry Industry

19th June 2019 - Media release: Project Manager announced for South West Timber Hub

19th April 2019 - Media release: Welcome funding boost for prescribed burning

4th April 2019 - Media release: New Jarrah - Industry and government joint initiative launched

4th April 2019 - Media release: Western Australia RFA extension securing the future of forest industries

22nd March 2019 - Media release: New funding boost for South West forestry hub

13th March 2019 - Submission: Proposed Wellington National Park Expansion

1st March 2019 - Media release: Progress Towards Bushfire Centre of Excellence 

18th February 2019 - Media release: Timber Industry Welcomes Funding Announcement for South West Forestry Hub

15th November 2018 - Submission: DWER Cost Recovery Discussion Paper

9th November 2018 - Media release: Encouraging Signs for New Timber Processing at Nannup

2nd November 2018 - Submission: WA Regional Forest Agreement Extension

31st October 2018 - Submission: DPIRD Biosecurity Discussion Paper

19th October 2018 - Submission: Draft Mid-term performance review of the Forest Management Plan 2014-23

19th September 2018 - Media release: WA Timber Industry welcomes new National Forest Industries Plan

7th September 2018 - Media release: WAFA - The figures don't add up

30th August 2018 - Media release: New Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre – a Wonderful Showcase for Timber

30th April 2018 - Media release: New Commonwealth funding for major WA projects welcomed by timber industry

3rd April 2018 - Media release: Timber industry welcomes boost for farm forestry

23rd March 2018 - Media release: Industry welcomes Minister’s commitment to regional timber jobs

21st March 2018 - Media release: New report shows significant contribution of WA Timber Industry

2nd February 2018 - Submission: 2018 Native Timber Harvest Plans

8th December 2016 - Document: Growing a Strong Future - a policy for Western Australia's native forest industry

29th September 2016 - Document: WA Plantations the Missing Piece of the Puzzle 2016

22nd September 2016 - Media Release: Softwood Strategy Launch

29th June 2016 - Media Release: Reframing Rural Fire Management Report of the Special Inquiry into the January 2016 Waroona Fire

4th March 2016 - Submission: Public Inquiry into the January 2016 Waroona Fire

8th April 2016 - Submission: Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 Million

25th February 2016 - Media Release: Karri salvage welcomed

24th January 2016 - Submission: FSC Pesticide Derogations Submission

19th June 2015 - Submission: OES Consultation Paper

3rd June 2015 - Submission: FIAC Directions paper

23rd February 2015 - Media Release: Logging reduces fuel loads and bushfire risk

November 2014 - Submission: WA State Biosecurity Strategy

7th October 2014 - Submission: Planning for Bushfire Risk Management Regulations

25th July 2014 - Submission: Concept Paper - Review of the Emergency Services Act

15th May 2013 - Submission: Review of the Emergency Services Acts

7th October 2014 - Submission: Planning for Bushfire Risk Management Regulation

7th November 2012 - Submission: Draft FMP 2014-2023