About us

Forest Industries Federation W.A. (FIFWA) is the association which has been representing the interests of the Western Australian forest products industry since 1895.

Our membership is open to all businesses in the native and plantation forestry industries, such as forest growers, harvest and haul operators, softwood and hardwood processors, sawmillers and any other associated businesses.

Our industry employs in excess of 6000 people, which is particularly significant to our regional communities where 90% of the jobs are located.  The Western Australian forest products industry generates in excess of $1.4 billion annually.

WA timber is locally processed to create everything from structural sawn timbers; engineered wood products; value-added premium quality timber for flooring and furniture; woodchip production for paper products; and fuel for green energy.

FIFWA exists to protect and promote the valuable Western Australian forest products industry.

Our Role

FIFWA’s role is to work with our Members, stakeholders, and governments to ensure an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable forest products industry in Western Australia.

FIFWA operates to the following core philosophies:

Vision: A respected, valued and growing Western Australian forest and timber industry operating with a secure resource base that provides commercial confidence and attracts investment.

Mission: FIFWA’s mission is to be the voice of the forest and plantation growing, harvesting and processing industry in Western Australia; liaising with both State and Local Government’s on behalf of the industry and representing the industry to both the media and the public.


  • Responsive in a timely and effective manner to critical incidents, events and circumstances as they arise;
  • Representative & Inclusive of all Members drawn from various facets of the industry;
  • Respected & Trusted by all key industry stakeholders, government, the media and the public at large;
  • Resilient to all pressures and influences that undermine the best interests of the industry;
  • Collaborative, seeking to consult and work with other national, state and local bodies that share our objectives; and
  • Unified, seeking to represent the best interest of the forest industry as a whole; rather than the commercial interests of individual members.


As government legislation and regulations create the policy environment in which the industry operates, FIFWA must work to ensure these policy settings are conducive with healthy industry growth and development. It is imperative FIFWA works to ensure a sustainable, secure supply of resource for the industry’s longevity. FIFWA also seeks to combat market access restrictions to enable a fair and competitive trading environment.

FIFWA promotes the value of the industry to the general public, represents the industry in dealings with the media and supports our regional timber communities through our WA Forest Communities Network branch (www.wafcn.com.au).

FIFWA works closely with our counterparts in other Australia States as well as with the federal representative body, the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA).